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Get going with the simplest and the most integrated payment experience.
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Digital Wallet
Customers access to all type of source and funds. Now customer also can check their balance and transactions seamlessly.
All Payments
Our platform allows fast, easy and secure transactions for all payment type, online store, in store or in-apps payment, anytime and anywhere.
In-App Commerce
Now customer can shopping online directly from the application and get an interesting offer according to their needs.
P2P Social Transfer & Request Payment
Balance and fund transfer among customers feature, a better and faster interaction among partner's customers.
Loyalty Point
Reward your customer every time they did transactions with PayAccess Mobile and redeem their rewards directly on their mobile phone.
Plan, Review & Organise
Keep updated by bill payment reminder. Track and manage all transactions activities with calendar, summary and report feature.

The New
Mobile Payment Experience


For Wallet Partners

Experience better customer's interaction for all transactions, banking and non-banking. PayAccess Mobile delivers your service right into your customer's smart phone, let your services grow with the enhancement of today's technology.

For Merchant

Enjoy a fast, safe and practical payment-processing tool to process your online and in-store transactions. PayAccess Merchant gives you a simple, fast, smart and convenient payment solution for all your payment processing needs.

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